Glenolden Animal Hospital offers hospitalization for those patients that require treatments beyond the scope of home patient care. These treatments include:
. Intravenous fluid therapy
. Oxygen therapy
. Continuous blood monitoring
. Intravenous drug therapy
. Supplemental nutritional therapy
. Severe pain management
. Urinary catheterization and monitoring
. Severe electrolyte imbalances

While patients are in the hospital they are continuously monitored by the hospital staff. Doctors make every attempt to contact the owners twice a day with an update on the patient’s status. Owners are encouraged to visit with their pet so they can see first hand how the pet is doing. We make every effort to get patients home as soon as possible because we know that pets are happier in their own home environment. The hospital is not staffed and patients are not monitored overnight. Arrangements can be made to transport patients to a 24 hour emergency facilities at the owner/doctors request.

Veterinary care has become much more technologically advanced in the past 20 years. This has resulted in better and more sophisticated veterinary care. Unfortunately, these advancements come with an increased cost in care. To ensure that you can offer your pet the best care, we do recommend that you consider pet health insurance. Here are links to some of the top rated veterinary insurance companies:
.Veterinary Pet Insurance
.Pet Plan Insurance
.Trupanion Insurance