Emergency Care

In the unfortunate event that an emergency situation occurs, you can take comfort in knowing that we are here to help you and your pet. We see emergencies during our regular hours. Please call first to let us know that you are coming at 610-237-6120.

Regular hours
Monday – Friday 8 am to 8 pm
Saturday- 8 am to 5 pm
Sunday 10 am to 2 pm

Should an emergency arise outside of regular hospital hours, we can direct you to facilities that offer 24 hour emergency care.

West Chester Animal Emergency Clinic 610-696-4110
1141 West Chester Pike
West Chester, PA 19382

University of Penn, School of Vet. Med., Emergency Svc 215-898-4685
3850 Spruce St
Philadelphia PA, 19004

Vet Emergency Center of Delaware 302-322-6933
290 Churchman’s Road
New Castle Delaware, 19720

Lost Pets
Go to petfinder.com

Wildlife Treatment and rehabilitation of wildlife is a specialized service requiring facilities and supplies specifically designed for wildlife. We are not able to treat or hospitalize wild birds or other wild animals. Here is some information on how to help injured wildlife:

Do NOT attempt to capture or handle wild raccoons, skunks, foxes, or bats; these species have a high risk for carrying rabies. Call animal control.

Do not “rescue” feathered healthy baby birds just because they are on the ground. Very often the parents feed their young on the ground as part of the fledgling process. If the bird is on a road, move it to the side of the road.

If a wild animal is terminally injured and clearly in need of euthanasia, we do provide this service free of charge. If the doctor on duty deems that the animal may be saved with veterinary care, the animal must be transported to a licensed wildlife care facility. We do not transport wildlife, this is the responsibility of the person finding the animal.

Wild animals (including mammals, birds, and reptiles) that are both native to and injured within the State of Pennsylvania may be referred to the Wildlife Division of the Schuylkill Center of Environmental Education (215)482-8217.

Wild birds (any species, from any state) can also be referred to:
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research
110 Possum Hollow Road, Newark, Delaware 19711 (302) 737-9543