5 Things That Can Stress Out Your Cat

We all know that there are many sights and sounds that can cause stress in our pets. Here are just a few of those items that can be especially irritating to cats. (Some of these items can also be stressful for dogs.) Don’t forget about smells that can also stress our pets.

1. Thunderstorm and fireworks

Loud noises and air pressure changes can send you cat into the fight or flight behavior. Since some noises can’t be anticipated so having a safe place for your cat to be able to go to can be very helpful. Let your pet know that this is their space and definitely try not to block or move the space. Also having pheromone diffusers in the house can have a calming effect.

2. High-Frequency Sounds

Since cats respond to sound as early as 10 days of age, you can imagine how important this sense can be. Loud thumps, clashes and bangs can cause anxiety and stress in cats. Both high and low frequency sounds can affect your cat, be sure to not place the litter box near furnaces or water softeners or any other piece of equipment that can make unpredictable noises.

3. Strong Scents

Cats have a sense of smell about 14 times that of humans. You should always try not to use strong scented materials while your cat is around. Remember that cats use their sense of smell to help them find prey.

4. Cleaning Agents and Essential Oils

Aerosols can not only cause stress in cats but it can be harmful to their respiratory system. If a cleaner has a strong scent, be sure to air out the area before allowing your pet back into the area. Whenever possible try to use unscented items. Essential oils can also be toxic to cats, for example, lemon and orange oil.

5. Dogs, Predatory Animals and Other Cats

Although dogs can cause significant anxiety for cats, stray cats can also be a source of stress for your cat. If your cat can see stray cats outside or even smell their urine they may feel threatened. If your cat is especially sensitive to other animals you may want to find a Cat Friendly Practice like Glenolden Animal Hospital to help make your visits less stressful.

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