Color Therapy For Your Pets

Perhaps you’ve noticed that certain colors just lift your spirits and put you in a great mood while others leave you feeling tranquil and calm. Particular vibrations of color can be used to treat various conditions by promoting healing and balance in areas that our bodies (or those of our animal companions) are lacking, including issues on physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels.

There are many different ways to intertwine colors into your pets daily activites/routine. You can use colored fabrics for bedding and blankets, select specific colors for harnesses and collars. Allow the animal to gravitate to the area on his or her own. An animal’s instincts will naturally guide him towards what his body needs. It is very important to make sure your companion is not subjected to this treatment in a crate, cage or small stall where he or she cannot move away from it. Your animal will intuitively know if and when he or she has had enough.

Color therapy can used for conditions that are both physical and emotional. The color blue, for instance, can help ease the pain of an elderly dog with bad hips and arthritis. The colors red and orange are more appropriate for a top performing show dog. Red and orange create a more vital and self-confident energy. Another frequently used color is the color violet, which helps lift depression, a condition that, due to many factors, is more prevalent than we realize.

Meanings of different colors
Red: Vitality, courage, self confidence

Orange: Happiness, confidence, enthusiasm

Yellow: Mental ability, versatility, playfulness

Blue: Health, knowledge, relaxation

Indigo: Sedative, calming, intuition

Violet: Soothing, inspiration, creativity

By being conscious of what colors we place in our animal companions’ surroundings, we can definitely influence their energy fields in a positive way.

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