What happens if my cat or dog ate something they shouldn’t have?

Most things like small sticks, rocks, mulch, or dirt pass on their own within a day or two without causing a problem, but if you know your pet ingested something, he/she should be monitored closely. Signs they may need medical attention include abdominal discomfort, restlessness, loss of appetite, diarrhea lasting longer than 2-3 days, or repeated vomiting (more than 4 times in 6 hours). If your cat or dog chews or consumes even small amounts of the following, however, they should be considered an emergency:
. Any prescription or over-the-counter medication (human or veterinary)
. Grapes/raisins
. Lily plants
. Chocolate
. Alcohol
. Car or home cleaning products
. Sugar-free gum
. Rodent poison or pesticides

This list is by no means all inclusive. Always err on the side of caution and contact us or a 24-hour facility after our normal business hours if you have concerns your pet consumed something.

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