Pre-Anesthetic Options

Pre-Anesthetic Options


Like you, our greatest concern is the well being of your pet. Before placing your pet under anesthesia, we will perform a full physical examination. However, many conditions, including disorders of the liver, kidneys or blood, are not detected unless blood testing is performed. For these reasons, we highly recommend blood screening before any anesthetic procedure. Results from our lab will be immediately available and evaluated by one of our doctors. If there are any test abnormalities, we will take appropriate measures and/or precautions. Our doctors will notify you of any concerns or problems and if we need to cancel the procedure. Please keep in mind that there are still inherent risks associated with anesthesia, from minor to life threatening and unfortunately even death. We cannot guarantee a risk-free anesthetic experience despite normal blood results and physical examination. NOTE: THE COST OF THESE TESTS MAY NOT HAVE BEEN INCLUDED IN YOUR ESTIMATE

I want my pet to have a pre-anesthesia blood screen (Cost $87)
I want my pet to have the more comprehensive blood test (Cost $160)
I do not want my pet to have any blood testing
Feline Leukemia and FIV Testing (Cats Only)

We recommend testing all cats for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) prior to anesthesia and/or surgery, even if this test was performed in the past.

I want my cat tested for FeLV/FIV (Cost $61)
I do not want my cat tested for FeLV/FIV
Feline BNP (Cats Only)

This is an in hospital test to detect if your cat has heart disease that may not be determined by physical exam alone. We especially recommend testing cats with heart murmurs, any cat previously diagnosed with heart disease, and any pure bred cat. Any cat could have heart disease even if a heart murmur is not present.

I do want my pet to have a microchip
I do not want my pet to have a microchip
my pet already has a microchip
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