• House Calls

    House Call are available in the afternoons by appointments only. These visits may include routine examinations, vaccinations, blood testing, examination of sick pets, and euthanasia.In most cases, we will be able to visit your home within two weeks of your call. If your pet requires immediate attention, you should schedule an office appointment or come as an emergency (please call first).

    To prepare for your house call, please note the following tips:

    You must be available by phone for two hours prior to the visit. Should a critical case be brought to our hospital, we may need to reschedule your appointment.

    For dogs, have a secure collar and leash available. Please let us know in advance if your dog tends to be aggressive with veterinary handling.

    For cats, please confine your cat to a small room without furniture that he/she can hide under (e.g. a bathroom) at least 2 hours before the scheduled visit.